Meet the Coach

"Empowering Women to Reclaim Clarity and Vitality:
My mission is to guide and support women on their journey to regain clear thinking and abundant energy. Through personalised coaching and holistic wellness strategies, I am dedicated to helping women achieve their fullest potential, embracing life with mental clarity, and thriving with boundless energy."

Women's Wellness in Midlife

My Story

Wendy Clarke AdDipINT, MPHC, BBus


How can I improve the health of my family and myself?

This question started an obsessive search for answers, that turned into a career change and total transformation of how my family eats.



It all started with an ancestral cook book, this lifestyle really resonated with me, it made sense! I heard Nora Gedgaudas speak and had to read her books, then Mark Sisson,  Ben Bikman PHD, Dr Jason Fung and in terms of light education; Dr Jack Kruse, Dr Satchin Panda, and Dr Doug Wallace, blew my mind. Plus Weston A Price.


I must thank my husband (and my two boys) for supporting my obsession and curiosity with ancestral health.



To gain a deeper understanding on how the body works, I embarked on a 3 year Advanced Diploma in Integrative Nutritional Therapeutics, plus the Level 2 Master Primal Health Coach Certification. My end goal was to become an ancestral health coach to help women make real change in their lives. 


Coaching is a great tool for clients that need a helping hand making change they need.



I now see the sunrise and get as much sunlight as is practical, I shop at the farmers market for food that is local to my area, and has been grown in the sunlight. I love cooking this way as the food is way tastier than anything I used to prepare.


I know others must have a similar story, wanting to not just feed but nourish their families, so they can thrive.



I’m now excited to coach other women on the benefits of understanding sunlight, and eating an ancestral diet and helping them make this amazing transformation.

Women's Wellness in Midlife